Project Description

Hensle_Piktogramm-schwingfoerdertoepfeConveyor buckets

Hensle Zuführtechnik, Sortiertopf, Sortiertoepfe

Hensle conveyor buckets can be used for sorting, conveying, and distributing parts. They are used in almost all industries. The broad selection of bucket sizes, shapes, and materials allows for an optimal adaptation to the material to be conveyed.

Ordering information on the individual components of feeder technology can be found in our product catalog.

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Sortiergut Hensle Zuführtechnik, Schwingfördertöpfe


Sortiergut Hensle Zuführtechnik, Schwingfördertöpfe
Fördertöpfe Stahlblech, Edelstahl, Aluminium, Kunststoff

Conveyor buckets made of steel | high-grade steel | aluminium | plastic