Project Description

Hensle_Piktogramm-bunkerBelt bins | Part Bins | feederhouse

Hensle Zuführtechnik, Bunker

Belt bins | Part Bins | feederhouse

An inclined conveyor, heavy duty bunker belt hopper with integrated conveyor belt or the electro-magnetically driven bunker are suitable for replenishing workpieces in feeder bowls.

With that said, the bunker complements the vibratory feeder for an autonomous feeding equipment by the metered filling of the conveying pot.  Workpieces are protected and noise levels reduced. The hopper volume prolongs the refill intervals, thereby increasing the profitability of the plant.

Ordering information on the individual components of feeder technology can be found in our product catalog.

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Bandbunder | Bunker | Schrägförderer

Belt bins | Part Bins | feederhouse